31 October 2014: A new pedestrian bridge linking the Canal Walk on one side of the River Nore and the Lacken Walk on the other side in the city was officially opened.

Described as the longest of its kind in Europe, the bridge hangs beneath the existing Ossory bridge on the Ring Road, connecting Canal Walk with Lacken Walk and offering a new opportunity to explore the Talbotsinch area of the Nore and its banks, while also linking with the Linear park and opening up the possibility of walking from just off the Freshford Road, as far as Bennettsbridge as part of the successful Trail Kilkenny and Nore Valley Walk.

It will form part of a looped walk and will be much used over the coming months and years adding yet another strong element to Kilkenny’s armoury of attractions and things to do.

Two celebrated graffiti artists from Kilkenny, Mick Minogue and Daniel Leonard, have been invited to provide some suitable street art but the work on one side of the river may not be completed until a leak from the Ossory Bridge above, built in 1985, is fixed.
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